Hair mineral analysis for personalised nutrition

We use a Hair Mineral Analysis sample to determine the current health state of your body to provide you with highly specific nutritional programmes that rule out any guess work when it comes to finding out what diet and nutrients will bring your body back in to balance.

Nutritional Balancing - The Science of Human Energy


Nutritional Balancing was developed by a doctor and avid mineral researcher named Paul Eck.  He analysed around 200’000 hair mineral samples and applied his knowledge of various healing principles to develop what is also known as the science of human energy.

Deep healing vs Symptom removal

Deep healing is a step away from the conventional model remedy approach.  It not primarily about treating symptoms but about balancing the mineral chemistry of the body first and foremost and then allowing the body to heal itself.

Hair mineral analysis introduction

Hair mineral analysis is a soft tissue biopsy that measures the levels of 21 + nutritive and toxic minerals.  It is the main assessment tool of Nutritional Balancing and allows us to provide tailored nutritional programmes for the individual.

How does it work?

Nutritional Balancing works by reestablishing the bodies capacity to deliver energy to the cells and raising what is called “adaptive energy”.  To figure out how to do all this we first need a hair mineral analysis which shows us the current health state of the whole body expressed through the mineral levels and ratios.  Since it is the mineral levels and ratios that determine how much energy you have it is then our job to apply the right diet and supplements so that any imbalances are corrected to their optimal ranges.  Achieving this looks simple on the surface but it is a complex process that involves applying specific diet, detoxification procedures and living a certain lifestyle.  When this is done properly and the adaptive energy is raised successfully it improves the functioning of the “whole system” which goes on to improve functioning of all of it’s parts, and quite remarkably many symptoms can then go away all by themselves.

Who is it for?

Nutritional Balancing is great for most people but is certainly not for everyone.  Poor health does not occur overnight, but is usually the result of the accumulative and knock on effect that unhealthy living has on the body over a stretched period of time.  This programme causes the reversal of the way that led you to become ill in the first place through a special process called retracing.  Retracing is where the body goes back and fixes itself as it is given the energy, substances and tools to do so.  This can be hard at first because the start is when you are at your poorest health and following the procedures and diet can feel like an effort.  Therefore Nutritional Balancing is for people who really want to make a good go at getting their health back and do not expect miracles with minimal work.  If this is you then great, as this system of healing usually works well as long as the instructions are carried out, if it is not perhaps it is not for you.

“The Science of Human Energy is the study of how the human body produces energy. Once we understand this process, we can give people BASIC and LONG - LASTING increases in mental and physical energy”

Dr Paul Eck


About / Services on offer

Hi, my name is James.  I use Nutritional Balancing and hair mineral analysis to asses a peoples current health state so that I can provide precise nutritional and lifestyle advice that is aimed at bringing the body back in to balance and increasing vitality.

This option is for people who have not previously been following a Nutritional Balancing programme and would like to start one for the first time.  It includes extra consultation time to accommodate for the explanation needed for someone beginning this new way of healing.

This is for people who have had a hair mineral analysis before and are already following a programme and know what they are doing.  It does not have as much consultation time but still includes a thorough analysis and new instructions and nutritional advice.

Children are usually a lot less complicated than adults when it comes to healing, and therefore do very well on these nutritional programmes most the time.  To get good results children do not need nearly as many supplements as adults and only a few are recommended to them.

Family, student and disability discounts available.  Please get in contact to find out more.